Basic domestic gas line installation costs may vary considerably, depending on your requirements, although prices at Rebel Gas start from R1900.00, excluding gas. An installation by Rebel Gas includes a wall mounted regulator, a cut-off valve and connection for one gas bottle, 5m copper piping and a Certificate of Compliance upon completion. Through the use of SABS approved regulators, piping and other equipment, Rebel Gas offers the safest installation of any domestic gas appliance.

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If you already have a gas line installed but aren’t sure whether it is compliant or safe, see below for a diagram of safety regulations to consider, or Contact Us for our professional opinion.

Gas Installation


Any electrical motors and switches must have a distance of 5m

Only Class 1 or 2 copper piping can be used, not the piping or sealant that used in plumbing.

All pipes running through a wall must be sleeved.

Flexible hose may not be more than 2m in length and may not run through any partitioning.

Cylinders can stand against a boundary wall which must be a firewall and 1.8 metres high with an electric fence.

Cannot be installed in a garage.

All materials used are SABS & SANAS approved.